August 2013: We were hosting a family from Victoria, Texas on our family’s +20th missions
trip to Belize. Turns out they run TK’s Trailer Rentals, renting ~80 fully-loaded mobile trailers
in the oil fields of Texas (if you’re in the market for that kind of thing--give them a call at

They also bought two old food trucks with the intention of launching a food service. But with
all they could handle on the trailer side, the Food Trucks sat idle.

I grew more and more intrigued by those idle food trucks. Kim and I were fascinated by the
food truck craze, gorging ourselves on every food truck TV show on the air.

Ideas started flying. By September we were knee-deep in planning. By October I received
iPhone video clips of the trucks—but the images were so scrambled they looked more like
the first transmissions from the moon. I couldn’t see anything, but I had faith in what I saw!

By now obsessed, I flew down to check out the region with my oldest son, Daniel. Everything
went great with one exception: The trucks were a rusted mess.

Undeterred, we plowed ahead!

We were struck by the countryside and the people we met… the heartland of America… Where
integrity isn’t just a word, it’s a personal commitment. And when you give your word?
It’s as good as done.

Daniel likened the area to the old gold rush boom towns. And Boom Town Food Trucks was born.

Here’s Our Word:

1 Quality Food – You’ll get real tasty handcrafted sandwiches using carefully sourced local
products, made fresh daily, and served on whole grain artisan breads. Homebrewed iced teas,
limeade and lemonade, and GREAT, fresh brewed organic hot and iced coffee

2 Fast Service – Who wants to wait to eat a meal? Nobody! That’s why we’re working to serve
you faster. Check the Early Bird order form on our website, or use our Text Your Order
service from your mobile phone, and more to come… all designed to shorten your wait time..

3 Support for those in need – Each month we’ll donate up to 10% of our total monthly sales
to one of the charities we support, mostly widows, orphans, and youth education all over the
world. And you can join us!

You can find out where we’ll be serving every day by following us on Facebook or Twitter, or you
can just call us up and ask! Come and join us… Taste our food and let us know how we’re
doing! It’s our honor and pleasure to serve you the very best we have to offer.

Boom Town: Food for the heartland.

Danny and Kim Gallo